The fall season in late of 2017

Recently completed in November of 2017,  Wavelengths  , is an iconic array of dyed thread between two previously rough, but now repurposed, polished aluminum pipes.

This New American Style piece sits on an old swing-set no longer suitable for use. Rather than remove the swing-set and the beautiful, but old and fraying hammock that previously occupied the set, the owner commissioned a work to replace the hammock. Accompanying the delicate work of T4R is a written word statement to personalize the project.


The differences that make up our lives, are what hold us together. We, as a people, are a spectrum of colors that mix naturally.
Each strand represents someone. Let the acute physical properties of the strands themselves bring attention to the complexity of the varying differences found among us. These differences, whether truly arguable or inarguable, are what make us beautiful and human. At the base of our problem, is us, and our factor of irrationality, which is completely unpredictable and however, necessary. There is nothing absolute about this project. Just some dyed colored threads between repurposed aluminum pipes. The rather simple work, signifies a proud, growing movement happening in this country right now. Caught in the proper light, and maybe a breeze or two, the strands resonate. Each with their own hue radiating in the sunlight and glowing ever so fervently, assuring us there is something more to be appreciated, a sort of hope, even as the light fades. Over 1000 knots were used to anchor the over 300 threads to the two polished aluminum poles.

There is nothing more believably true
than the simple existence of me and you.
Through conventional thoughts
ideas wrought forth,
ables old trees fade
brings new seeds after froth.

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