When me

You look at me

                I glance at you

You smile 

                I wave one shy hand

You welcome me

                I withdraw from you

You giggle, laugh

               Who me? At me?

You turn and walk

                I hide and sigh

One more day and she'll be mine


I won't say Hello

because I don't even know you.

You might think this corny


possibly creepy

but nevertheless, 

You're the only person here who demands my attention 

and it's actually quite annoying,

but never a nuisance.

Not that this class is fun,

I just spend it thinking of ways to talk to you.

I hope to see you next class,

maybe I'll say hi.

A New Freedom

At last,

a New Freedom!

A freeing hand

to pry back the welded gates 

of a block cloaked in misunderstanding,

behind which the thought forsaken blasphemy was freed 

from the bonds of an old testament, 

Not wronged but not for me.

For at last rest.

A No Name Girl

A faint appearance 

The silky silence of a summer’s night

Upon which the gaze,

The gaze of a wolf

At the sight of a hare, 

Pierces the iron built wall

Of the man prided on self, 

Lays waste to his crumbling thought of love,

Here at which a green bud

Emerges through the mortar,

All at the glimpse 

Of the burnt umber hair laying upon

The moon kissed face of the angel

Veiled in a shroud of white linen,

As blinding as heaven itself.

An Incomplete Book

I sit in silence

basking in a revelation 

which does not belong to me.

Yearning for the love

which is unbeknownst to you,

but looms on me,

like a dark cloud on a stormy day.

An aura of beauty not for the blind eye,

but a piercing blade through my heart.

How little this book is written

in languages that will not mix,

but a fervent desire to learn you and write you,

even if for only one chapter.