My Mom

This poem is dedicated to all the mothers out there who do not set the right example for their children. Your daughters follow your example to a T so please do your best to raise them right. Out of love and nothing else.


Is the best mom

The way she teaches me.

We skip

We laugh

We screw around

We play on day after day.

Tomorrow's the day

She'll be back at a job

Says she won't be able to play. 

That's ok

Mommy will be back.

Like the laundry grandma does

It's a cycle on repeat

Day after day.

A wretched mean boss

Puts mom up for loss

Similar to the way

Dad gave her away.

That silly mean boy

Never treats me right

Mommy says like a plight

Day after day.

That's ok!

Mommy says out loud,

We'll just have fun

Shrug them all off

And play with a scoff 

As we turn our backs

Day after day.

An Incomplete Book

I sit in silence

basking in a revelation 

which does not belong to me.

Yearning for the love

which is unbeknownst to you,

but looms on me,

like a dark cloud on a stormy day.

An aura of beauty not for the blind eye,

but a piercing blade through my heart.

How little this book is written

in languages that will not mix,

but a fervent desire to learn you and write you,

even if for only one chapter.